Enjoy the latest in the Pat Cassidy Series OUT OF BOUNDS.  Another Pat Cassidy Novel is in the works.  It’s called ON THE ROPES and is being written at the present.


The Pat Cassidy Series

E.P. Garth’s four books in the Pat Cassidy Series in order.  Order online today by visiting our Order Books page.

OFF THE AIR:  First in the series introducing Garth’s protagonist.  Pat Cassidy is falsely accused of a triple murder and stays one step a head of the law attempting to clear his name and bring down a crooked politician that killed his best friend.

OUT OF TOUCH:  Pat is hired by his billionaire boss Jeb Glassock to track down Sheriff Vogel’s long lost son missing for eight years.  Pat teams with J.T. Lambert to solve the cold case and battle with a religious cult and drug cartel deep inside Mexico.

ON THE RANGE:  Pat Cassidy is caught up between greed and tragedy helping out his Vietnam platoon sergeant at his ranch in Abilene.  The mysterious and the bizarre  attempt to detour Pat’s investigation out ON THE RANGE.

OUT OF BOUNDS, hard copies now available by ordering through our Order Books page on our menu or from your favorite online vendor.  ORDER EBOOK VERSION FROM THE LINK PROVIDED ON THIS WEBSITE.  Come see us at our book signings.  See information below.  

E.P. Garth began writing the first Pat Cassidy Novel, OFF THE AIR, back in 1997.  However, he put the unfinished manuscript away for several years until friends encouraged him to finish the story and  publish.  E.P., with the help of his wife, Sue, polished up the manuscript and sent it off to Booklocker for publication in 2009.  The book was well received on the the first book signing tour that followed.  OUT OF TOUCH was published a year later and the series went forward.  ON THE RANGE, in 2015 was the third installment.  Now, OUT OF BOUNDS is available through our website or your favorite online vendor.  

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