2018 Brady Book Signing

Sally Shields, E.P., Claire Day Rucker, Teresa McAnally a the Heart of Texas Country Music Museum
Heart of Texas Country Music Museum is the home of Heart of Texas Records. Great hospitality and thanks to Tracy Pitcox for his generosity.
Sally Shields, the mother of our good friend Jeff Shields, is one of our greatest supporters
E.P standing by the remote board using in the 70s and 80s for remote broadcasts when the station was owned by the late Ed Keeling. Ed built it! KNEL has a special place in the museum.
Teresa Gober McAnally worked at KNEL the same time E.P. did. She is with the Texas Association of Broadcasters and traveled from Austin to be at the book signing.
Back on the air at KNEL. (Not really)
Claire Day Rucker was our receptionist back in the day!
We spun records and sometimes out in the open. Have had the wind blow the tonearm of the records.