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Important locale in the Pat Cassidy series

The Pat Cassidy Series by E.P. Garth

The Pat Cassidy Series takes place in Cowtown in 1976.  Pat, is the son of the Fort Worth Chief of Police.  He works for billionaire Jeb Glassock as a troubleshooter for his many ventures and also takes on cases as a private investigator.

Pat is a Vietnam Veteran with an impressive military record, yet colored somewhat by things that happened during his tour of duty.  E.P. Garth’s protagonists is also a former amateur boxing champion.

J.T. Lambert, a former Brown County Deputy Sheriff works for Pat as an investigator.  Sally Anne Beck is his pushy secretary better know as “Sal.”

The Pat Cassidy Novels are a good read.  Order online today or visit one of E.P. Garth’s book signings.  Waco and Brady residents can check them out of their public libraries.  Check your local library to see if Garth’s books are available.


Fort Worth, Texas

Pat Cassidy’s hometown where he was born and raised.  His mother died when he was twelve.  Pat fought in the Golden Gloves as a youth winning two national titles.  He joined the Army upon graduation from high school and won the All-Service Heavyweight Title.  Pat served a tour of duty in Vietnam and later was a popular sportscaster on the radio.  New to the Pat Cassidy Series?  It begins with OFF THE AIR.

Recent Pat Cassidy Tour in Fort Worth

Just a few of the City’s Landmarks in Garth’s Pat Cassidy Novels


St. Patrick Cathedral


Tarrant County Courthouse


Fort Worth Water Gardens

Country Music in Pat Cassidy Novels

Author E.P. Garth incorporates country music mainly into his Pat Cassidy novels because it was so important to his Country DJ days.  In all four novels country music and contemporary music of 1976 are a part of Pat’s life.

Some of the songs mentioned in the novels include:  Goodhearted Woman, Always Wanting You, Once a Day (Everyday…), Fraulein, Sweet Baby James, Johnny B. Goode, Most Beautiful Girl in the World, The Winner, Drinkin’ My Baby Off of My Mind, Roots of my Raising, Grand Tour, Till the Rivers All Run Dry, You’ll Lose a Good Thing,  My Eyes Can Only See As Far You, Machine Gun Kelly, Cisco Kid was a Friend of Mine, One of these Nights, Lyin’ Eyes, and Take it to the Limit plus many others.  

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