Off the Air

The story behind OFF THE AIR goes back to the author’s days in the small West Central Texas town of Brady.  E.P. Garth pulled from his experiences there and elsewhere, weaving them into a story line both plausible and interesting.  His protagonist and cast of characters surrounding him are likenesses of people he has known through the years all the way back to his hometown of Ennis, Texas. 

The attributes of Pat Cassidy come from the author’s great respect for men who served in the armed forces, especially Vietnam Veterans.  The main character is a decorated Vietnam Veteran and saw considerable action during his tour of duty.

Boxing is a huge part of the story line and Cassidy’s past.  The protaganist was a successful amateur heavyweight boxer as a Golden Gloves participant and boxing for the U.S. Army. 

Foregoing a professional boxing career  after  his tour of duty, Pat Cassidy finds his niche as a sportscaster for a radio station in his hometown of Fort Worth, working with his longtime friend, newsman Brett Tucker.

Other characters who are apart of Cassidy’s life include billionaire Jeb Glassock, owner of the radio station and the Dallas Cowboys, who lives on his large ranch outside Brownwood, Texas.  Pat’s father is chief inspector of homicide and robbery of the Fort Worth Police Department.  Emmett Cassidy finds himself caught in the middle of his son’s firestorm accusation.

The story in OFF THE AIR moves from Fort Worth to Brownwood an back again as Cassidy attempts to solve the murder of his best friend and bring down a crooked gubernatorial candidate in cahoots with a union boss tied to organized crime.

It’s full of action and romance and available online at your favorite online vendor.