On the Range

Pat Cassidy reconnects with his Vietnam platoon sergeant to help discover the answer to strange occurrences on his ranch in Abilene.  Finnegan O’Leary calls on old loyalties to convince Cassidy to investigate the bizarre and downright strange things going on up on his mountain.

Readers get to see E.P. Garth’s main character in a completely different light as he heads out on the range to solve a  mystery with  seemingly supernatural surroundings.  ON THE RANGE introduces new characters like Taylor County Sheriff Denise Crawford, Dr. John Gordon AKA  Johnny Gusher, ranch hands Poncho and Cisco, antagonist Brick Taylor, and Wildfire, Pat Cassidy’s beautiful buckskin mount for his journeys up to  Moonrise Mountain where the answer to the mystery may be hidden.

Read ON THE RANGE and understand the loyalty of a soldier to his sergeant.  Saddle up your horse, put on your hat, and head on up to the mountain with Pat Cassidy.