Out of Touch

Pat Cassidy is asked by his boss, Jeb Glasscock, to solve an eight year-old cold case.  Find Kerry Vogel, the missing son of Brown County Sheriff Luke Vogel, and J.T. Lambert’s  best friend growing up.

Fresh off his success of solving the murder of Brett Tucker and toppling the promising political career of Tom Calloway, Cassidy is asked to almost do the impossible.  Find a man who may have already been  dead for years.

Along the way, Cassidy calls on the help of Brown County Deputy Sheriff J.T. Lambert, network news reporter Paula Conn, and Texas Ranger Domingo Perez.  He is also recruited by Congressman Sam McCullough to help rescue constituents of his congressional district from a fanatical religious group involved with a dangerous drug cartel deep in Mexico’s interior.  

The beauty and pageantry of San Miguel Allende comes alive in the pages of OUT OF TOUCH.  Is there romance in the mountains of Mexico for Pat Cassidy?  Find out in this exciting sequel to OFF THE AIR.