December 3, 2015

Just began reading Off the Air…love it so far!! I have the pleasure of knowing the author GREAT GUY!!!!

Meghan Spencer


January 23, 2011

Very interesting book! Kept my attention the whole time. I am also originally from Brownwood, TX, so it was pretty cool when Pat went to Brownwood. Great author and I can’t wait to read the next Pat Cassidy Novel. Great job E.P. Garth



August 4, 2013

Easy to read, good writing.  Interesting to those who know the area and mindset of central Texans well-developed characters and settings.

Dr. Cecilia Boswell


July 26, 2010

Garth has created a new protagonist who is well fleshed out and believable. The story line flowed smoothly without getting bogged down in minutia. I thoroughly enjoyed being back in Texas. Garth painted pictures that I could truly see in my minds eye. Can’t wait to read the sequel!



February 1, 2016

On the Range.  I love it! I love how you describe people – as I read your descriptions I find myself smiling and soon they seem like old friends.

Tina Navarro-Sohns


March 22, 2016

I like love the Pat Cassidy series. They are written well and I enjoy them, besides, I personally know the author, E.P. Garth.

Sharon Baxter


June 23, 2017

I finished all three books.  I’m hooked.  Hurry on number four.  Thanks for the read my friend.

Mark Giles 


November 2017

Just finished the third one a few days ago and Jane is looking forward to reading them also.  I enjoyed the characters and the West Texas ties.

Robert Wiggins